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It is perfectly possible to bury the ashes of a loved one in the churchyard at Holcombe Old Church. It is also possible to bury a body, but only if it goes into an existing grave. If you wish to discuss this with me, please either email me at clarissacridland@hotmail.co.uk or ring me on 01373 812705.

The cemetery, which is run by Holcombe Parish Council, lies just behind Holcombe Old Church and still has plenty of room. If you would like to discuss a burial there please email the Clerk to the Council, Vickie Watts on clerk@holcombepc.org.uk or ring her on 07971 516916.

The churchyard is kept beautifully tidy by our Groundsman, Robert West. You can help by making sure that you clear away any rubbish you see and removing dead flowers from any grave you tend. The rubbish bins for this are to the right of the gate by which you enter the churchyard. Please make sure you use the correct bin (brown for flowers and plants and black for anything else) and separate things properly. If you are able to take rubbish home, please do so. No flowers should ever be put on graves still in plastic. The churchyard is a really lovely, peaceful, place. Please help us to keep it that way.