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​Our parish church and community magazine is On The Map. It comes out at the beginning of each month, except that there is a joint issue for December / January.

If you do not have your own subscription, you may buy On The Map in the pharmacy in Coleford.

The subscription price (for 11 magazines delivered to your door) is £5.50, and individual copies are 70p. If you do not have the magazine delivered to your house and would like it, please contact Marlene Croker on 01761 232044 (Holcombe) or Robert Bull on 01373 813030 or email him at dondregmar@yahoo.co.uk (Coleford). If you would be interested in delivering On The Map to a particular street please contact either Marlene or June.

If you would like to advertise in On The Map on the back pages please email Trudy Stevens on richard.usse@tiscali.co.uk. If you want to have a larger advertisement in the magazine please email me at onthemap@rockterrace.org.

If you want to send an article to On The Map please email me at onthemap@rockterrace.org Please note that we include all items which are relevant to Coleford or Holcombe. However anything else is subject to space. We do not publish any fiction, poetry or quizzes.

The deadline for every issue of On The Map is the 15th of the month before.