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World Day of Prayer (this was previously called Women’s World Day of Prayer)
This will be held in Holy Trinity on Friday 1st March at 2.00 pm. The service has been prepared by people in Slovenia and the theme is taken from the Gospel of St Luke – Come Everything is Ready.
There will be a rehearsal for this on Friday 22nd February at 1.30. We would welcome more people to do short readings so if you are would like to be involved please email Gay Curtis.

Pet Service
This will take place in St Andrew’s on Sunday 9th June at 11.15 am. Bring your pet to church. We have a short service with hymns and readings, and each pet is introduced and then blessed. Small animals (rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, cats etc) should come in cages or baskets, and all dogs must be on leads, and ponies etc with halters.

For details of services at Holcombe Old Church please click here.